Thursday, July 26, 2007

Parker is a Pure Gift

Oh, how I hate to read stories like these. Yet, I torture myself by reading them so I can pray for the people going through these things because it's the only way I can help. I know that someday, that could be me or someone in my family and I would want as much love and support as possible. So I read, cry, and pray. Is it wrong to hope that nothing like that ever happens to me? I don't think my heart could take watching my child suffer so much. I guess that's the point. It's not up to me to "take" it, I'm supposed to trust that God knows better than me the reasons for the sorrows of life. I never question why a thing is so beautiful or why a person is so nice, so why do I question the seemingly bad things of life so much? Please click on the link and help in any way you can. Things are very bad for this precious and beautiful, suffering, little boy.

Love for Parker

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