Monday, July 23, 2007

Comments on Comments

In the most respectful way, I'm going to post a reminder about anonymous comments.

I moderate the comments on my blog to avoid anonymous posters. If I've posted some in the past, it's because I actually knew who posted the comment.

If you have something to say but don't want us to know who you are...start your own, dang blog. If you start a critique of something I have to say with "You are arrogant to say blah blah blah whatever whatever..." then you are arrogant to say that I am arrogant. It's totally arrogant to claim that someone else is arrogant. If that makes me arrogant, then so be it, but at least admit that you have some in ya, too.

The fact that you came to the conclusions you did meant to me that you didn't read the followup comments or even read my entry with full knowledge of who I am or what I'm really about. My drunk neighbor couldn't think of anything to insult me with (she hated me for some reason that night) so she said I was "MEAN". I don't respond well to unreasonable insults. Come up with an original one, if you must. You are not a friend of mine (obviously) and even wish to remain "anonymous" which is the most cowardly way to state your opinion about anything in life. If you really believe in something you wish to say, then stand up like a man and say who you are! Give me a small break and stop reading my blog. Go visit some other, more saintly person who lives up to your ideal of what a person should talk about. There are PLENTY of them on the internet. A lot of them are listed on my sidebar.

This special message isn't for "guess who?". I didn't post YOUR comment because EW! Hahaha!