Tuesday, July 31, 2007

14 Years Ago Today...

...I would have never guessed that 14 years from that time, I'd be sitting in my living room, pregnant with my umpteenth child all from the man that I married on that day! I didn't have any future ambitions with Butch, I was just happy to finally be with him and looking forward to whatever was going to happen to us, together.

It was a hot day. I mean HOT. There was a flash flood in the morning (so it was pointless to even do my hair that day, as evidenced by the wedding pictures) but the rain did nothing to alleviate the humidity and steam coming off of the sidewalks. The whole day was a blur and I only had about 1 glass of wine all day!

Today it was pretty, dang hot, but it wasn't as hot (even on my two mile run this afternoon) as it was under 3 crinolines and a very heavy, satin dress...With long sleeves...That were poofy. Really poofy:

Okay, I'm getting sidetracked...

The wedding day was one, teeny blip on the radar screen of our lives. If I were to do it all over again I would have eliminated all the fluff, gotten a simpler dress, gathered flowers from the garden instead of paying through the teeth for "professional floral arrangements", invited only close friends and family, had a night (candlelight) ceremony, and had a daytime reception in the backyard, made a yummy desert instead of an icky ol' cake, had ONE maid of honor and ONE best man and THAT'S ALL for a bridal party, and I would have had some kind of pig roast or maybe a prime rib roast instead of lame-o chicken.


I can't do it all over again because, holy man, why would I want to get married again? I did okay the first time and I'm still with that guy! He wanted to watch a movie tonight but I am going to work (I got a very part time job at a children's store in the area for at night, when the kids are in bed and I'd be up on the computer or reading anyway! I pretty much spend my income on the super-sale priced clothes that I get for an extra 30% off!) so I think we'll move the festivities to the weekend.

I love him very much and would like to do another tribute to him, but I'm afraid I'd bore you all with the mooshy gooshy stuff. Let's just say that, even after all these years, he still makes my heart go all aflutter. Especially when I see these, sexy things sitting around the house when he comes home from work:

AWWWW, Yeah, baby! That's the STUFF! I swear there is nothing hotter than a pair of Redwing work boots that someone actually WORKED in! Okayyyyy, it might not be for every woman. Some ladies really get all cranked up by guys who are all unnaturally buff, wear designer clothes, and get manicures. It may seem strange to those ladies that I find a trim waist on a guy to be kind of disgusting, but it's true! Give me a well-fed, naturally muscled (from actual WORK), slightly scruffy guy over those pansy guys any day of the week (oh, except maybe Sunday, I wouldn't mind if he actually styled his hair or spiffed up a little for church!)! No pretty boys allowed!


There's something so endearing to me about the manly-man stuff like, oh, I don't know...Working, taking care of your family, practicing ball with the kids (even in the house), teasing everyone and loving them so much that they don't so much mind the teasing, vacuuming, and just being a great husband who makes a woman feel so loved and desired at all times (yes, even when U.G.L.Y like when my eyes were puffed shut after having Mari and I cried, got all bloated, and went crazy for a couple of days after I got home from the hospital. If he could stay with me after THAT, he either has REALLY LOW standards, or is very love-blinded).

Alrighty, I said I wouldn't go on and on about that guy, so I'll talk about some girl stuff now.

I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring about 3 years ago. The prongs got entangled in the carpet when I was playing with the kids, and one day I realized that the "big" diamond was missing. There were two, teeny diamonds on either side of it and the bigger one was set up higher than the other two. It was VERY simple, which is how I liked it. I didn't mind so much not wearing a wedding ring set because my hands are so ugly and short-fingered, wrinkly, and freckly with short, bitten nails.

I thought that I would never really get around to getting it fixed, and even toyed with the idea of not replacing it with a diamond, but a CZ or something instead. I started to bring Trina to the custom jewelry shop to make a ring for herself with some of the other homeschoolers (Katheryn said she wanted to help someone learn about what she does and I was happy to oblige! She did this on her own time and for free) and I finally brought my ring in for Katheryn to look at for some ideas. My sis gave me the idea of a colored stone. It's my October birthstone (pinkish-purpley) in tourmaline and she added some white gold in the crack of where the engagement ring and the wedding band were fused together. She used half round bezels instead of prongs and replaced the two, little diamonds because she said she ruined one when she was making it all. I think they are much prettier and I can't believe how little she charged me. I think she gave me such a discount because I helped her when she needed a wine-pourer for her grand opening (again, happy to oblige!). She's a very talented woman and a very sweet friend! Here is a picture of how it turned out. I took it at night so it's kind of hard to see:

Pretty, huh?

So, all in all, today turned out to be like most days but I like most days. So that's just fine by me!

I look forward to many more years and maybe many more children with this hunk of a man. Happy Anniversary Hubs!

Ah loves yew.