Monday, July 16, 2007

Home Again Jiggedy Jig

Well, we never did get to see the Shrine. Trine had to cut out of her class early so we could check in at the airport. After we did, we saw that our flight was on time so we had time to go check out some of the museums that she missed. Unfortunately, it was Saturday, and the lines were too long so we never did get to see anything. It wasted time until we had to go, though. We made it back to the airport and then we saw that our flight was delayed! It all worked out. We got to meet a mom with her two children who were visiting their dad for two weeks then they'll see him at Christmas...and then not until eighteen months later after he's done with a tour in Africa. Boy, oh boy. We are very lucky we don't have hubs in the military but it sure made me respect what the wives and children go through (or any loved ones left behind) when the soldiers have their duties. This family lived on a base so they have support but I still think it would be a very hard life.

Being in Washington D.C. and seeing all of the monuments and being surrounded by friendly, helpful people made me so proud to be an American! I don't care if it sounds cliche'. I think everyone should have a chance to see the Capital of our nation. I'd go again in a second (maybe without babies the next time around)!