Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lighten UP, Wouldja?

In my zeal for solving the big problems of the world and touting my oh-so-important personal philosophies...I got a little sidetracked. The really important things are happening all around me and I do pay attention to them, and actually photograph them once in a while!

Okay, first is a big event that I missed blogging about...Sofia's (my brother, Pete's 3rd child) baptism! It was a nice, Saturday evening Mass with our new associate priest. He had only done 1 baptism before, I think, but he did a great job and got 'er done just fine! We sat toward the back of church near the baptismal hot-tub (as I like to call it, I don't care if I sound like a big meanie, that thing is hideous), and then during Mass, Father came back to the font and the whole congregation got to share in the baptism and the renewal of our baptismal vows. I sure do like a baptism during Mass! I don't know if it's super-liturgically proper, but it is nice. Like having a wedding, or an ordination, it seems more proper to celebrate the sacrament with Mass. Here is the best picture I've got (I know Nellie has better ones) of Butch and I (the GODPARENTS, did I mention WE GET TO BE THE GODPARENTS???) and little Sofia. Can you see the family resemblance? The date on the picture is the date of the baptism. I held her last night and I can't believe how CHUNKY she is! She is going to need liposuction pretty soon. Her rolls have rolls. She's such a sweet baby with hugemongous dimples! Her chins have chins. Did I mention she's a butterball?

Next is Analise's birthday!
She preferred to have a family party which left her the choice of one, big present. She chose a Nintendo DS so she could play with her big bro and sis (it's interactive) and I didn't mind because it's something to keep them distracted in the car, in the winter, and they have fun at night "pictochatting" (they sketch messages and pictures like on a "notepad" then "send" them to each other, it's pretty cool, kind of like text messaging) from their bedrooms (I hear them giggling late and have to tell them "enough!" but I think it's cute.

We had the neighbors over for a small party and this picture was taken immediately after she had opened her pokemon card pack she got from them. They all chased her into the classroom and she stood up on a chair to begin the negotiations. It was hilarious! They looked like wall street a few minutes before bell or whatever signifies the end of the market's day. They were all shouting and waving their own cards, "Weazy! Weazy! I want to make a trade! Pick me! Pick ME!". Trina, Matty, Brenden, Brady, and Jacie were all crowding around her and she was loving every minute.

She turned 7 on 7-6-07. All I can say about that is that I hope this is her "lucky year"! She is a really good big sister and a really trying little sister. Soon she won't be stuck completely in the middle, so I think things will look a lot brighter for her when the baby is born. I felt so sorry for her for being kind of "left out" of the bigger kid's club and too old to be treated like a baby, but she's finding her way. The best thing about Weazy is her spirit. She is always enthusiastic about everything and like me, has great hope. It's a good virtue! Her eyes are always wide with wonder and she has a good grasp of humor. If I were to guess, I'd say she will be involved in entertainment in some capacity. She's very, VERY imaginative and dramatic (in a good way, most of the time) and I hope she develops that and doesn't mature her way out of it!
She also shows more love than most children and that's another, invaluable virtue.
I love you, Weazy!

Matty tried baseball for the first time this year. He really didn't know much about it when he started but at the end of the season, the coach had said that Matty was the most improved. He also found his baseball niche...he is a great catcher! Even on those stuffy, hot days he played catcher and did a REALLY good job! He sometimes caught the whole game. They ended the season not winning in the tournament but playing a game they could really be proud of and Butch also enjoyed watching Matty play and helping him during practices when he could. It was good, bonding stuff, I tell you!

This last picture is just a day that we went to my brother, Nick's pool. His son, Johnny and our Mari were born about a week apart and I like to photograph them together whenever I can. They were all chilled out, floating in the water for the longest time, just enjoying each other's company and lounging in the sun.

About the only family resemblance between these, two goofballs are their peppermint Chiclets bucky beavers. I love those things!