Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hang On!

I've got a billion things to do today (apx. 1.3 million more than USUAL) and a headache, to boot...(here's one more just to tease you)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sneaky Peek...

More jaw-droppingly stunning photos to come soon. For now, here's just a taste (don't want to make you faint from too much cuteness all at once!)...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Elizabeth McKeighen is my friend and her job as a librarian is being threatened because she dared to stop a 10 year old from viewing porn on the library computer. This is a travesty and makes zero sense to me.

Please read this article and offer Elizabeth your support.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Personal prelatures have always creeped me out just a little (especially unofficial ones like RC). They just seem like cultish offshoots of an already wonderful faith that doesn't need the extra embellishment. I know that a lot of people are happy with their decisions to go that route, though and if it helps to bring someone closer to God, on a personal level then hey, cool beans.

I may someday change my mind about that (when the kids are all grown and I need a little spiritual enhancement?) but I would NEVER N E V E R send my son off to a boarding school/pre-seminary place. I wish I could say that "I totally understand that that couple prayed and they totally trust the people who are in charge at that place and it's totally safe...etc. etc." but there's NO WAY nuh uh, never, nope, no-way-jose that any young, unformed boy should be let loose in the wilderness of sin and degradation like that. Nope. I draw the line there and I DO make judgements of parents who think it's hunkydory to send their (let's say) 11 year old son to live with a bunch of stranger boys and men in a community with NO MOTHERS???? Sure, it may be that there are 99 percent wonderful humans there with only the most chaste of intentions toward mentoring the young boys to the priesthood...it's that teeny little germ of ickiness and sin that snuck in on the ONE percent person(s) that spoils the whole lot and spreads the sin like a nasty disease that lasts for generations. Sheesh, the whole purpose of my raising the children is to model to them what a loving, TWO PARENT household is so they can discern what is their vocation for life. They can choose whatever they wish (with careful guidance)when they are ADULTS.

Boys can hide for a LONG TIME when they've been abused in some way and then WILL go on to abuse. It's a fact. Even if it's just witnessing something a little bit bad...NO JUST NO.

I'm sorry that I don't have a more trusting heart. I know that there are a lot of false accusations toward men in the Church and that there are FAR more instances of abuse toward young boys in secular life or other churches than there are in the Catholic Church, but there is NO WAY that it is safe to EVER put young boys and men together in a group, safely. Not with the society we live in and the unfortunate sins of people in the past.

That being said, I've not commented on the whole LC thing because I know a lot of people directly involved with RC (I was asked to join years ago and always had an "ew" feeling about the situation) but I read this article today and it pretty well sums up how I feel.

From the article (and part of why joining RC always felt forced, cultish, and creepy to me):
"...2. At the beginning of his work, the delegate ought to consider informing the members of the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi that, as they gave themselves to these institutions without knowing the pathologies of their founder, they are free to leave these institutions without sin, guilt, shame, or remorse.

Such a statement is essential to stop the moral blackmail that (according to credible reports from the families of Legionary seminarians and students in Regnum Christi schools) continues today: “Since you came to us it is clearly God’s will for you to be here, and you will be turning your back on God’s will and sinning if you leave . . .”"

Anyway, none of this will make sense to you if you don't know or care about RC. Full disclosure: I was in the RC backed FAMILIA program for the four years. It was really nice and I had no problems with it other than it was kind of boring and repetitive. It was also a little misleading in that I didn't even know it was an offshoot of RC until a few years into it. That was super odd and just the beginning of why I think personal prelatures are cultish and weird.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Luke At Me

No, luke at me, don't luke at me, I'm a stah, don't you knoh who I ahm?

Last year, I was nominated for the Crescat Blog Awards under the category "Most Bat Shit Crazy Blog". I did not win. (was it because of the profanity? Were my friends and family offended by the "S" word? C'mon, even if you never SAY it, you know you THINK it. Probably a LOT.) I think I should have been happy I didn't win? I sort of pride myself on my quirky thoughts and weirdness so I have to admit I was more than just a little disappointed. Especially since I changed my layout just before I even knew I was nominated for that thing and look at all the creepy bats flittering around (yeah, they're still there!). I mean, how perfect? I COULDA BEEN A CONTENDAHHHH!

Oh well, now I've been nominated in a different category. I don't think I'll solicit votes this time. I want it all to be fair and square. (scroll down to the last category called: Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often) I want to win on my own merit as a blog that millions of people wish was updated more often because of the supreme wit, intelligent subjects, laugh-your-butt-off humor, etc. that I offer each time I deign to press my delicate fingers against the keys to create such bloggems as THIS, THIS, THIS, and don't forget, THIS ONE. For fairness' sake, I have to harken back to THIS ONE. Don't say I never gave ya nothin.

(P.S. Here is one of my very favorite posts with lots and lots of pictures of a cute baby.)

I'm totally NOT posting these pictures and links to garner more votes. I would never use my beautiful and not-at-all-goofy-looking offspring in a cheap, desperate attempt to get you to feel guilty about voting for someone else in this contest.

BUUUUUT...if I DID win this year, because you all love me so much you stop by early and often to vote over and over again for me me me and only me...I might just get a teeny bit happy about that. I'm so much more pleasanter when I'm happy. Eets okah, yew cahn luke at me again...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hot Mama

I can sneak away (in between baby feedings) and run to the local grocery store to get some essentials. I took a trip to the local (about a mile away) Coborn's yesterday. I was waiting for the meat counter guy to cut up my pork chops and I noticed something kind of funny.

Maybe it's because Butch has been out of town lately, I feel a little lonely for him, and my hormones and emotions are a little...out of WHACK...but I started to get hot in the face and felt like giggling uncontrollably. I looked around me to try to figure out what was the problem. My eyes got big and I realized...I was SURROUNDED BY MEN! There was a 30'sish guy coming at me from the right, a giant motorcycle man on the other side of the flat freezer, two guys (father and son?) coming at me from the left, at least 6 guys behind the meat counter, and more coming around the corners! It wouldn't have been so overwhelming, had two of the men not had very distracting things written on their shirts. I didn't know where to look. I am usually a "look-you-in-the-eye-smile-say-'hi'" kind of gal...but I just nervously darted my glance from there to here, the lobsters, anything to get my mind off of laughing hysterically and looking like a crazyperson. I had to stand there and wait for the guy behind the counter, so I was TRAPPED. I started to sweat, wonder if I had remembered deodorant, felt the giggle bubbling up, and wished there were at LEAST ONE girl I could exchange rolled eyes with or to buffer all the testosterone in the general vicinity.

I felt like I had walked into a bar...a MEAT MARKET!

The two guys with the funny T-shirts happened to end up standing right next to each other by the ground beef. I finally got my chops from the butcher and turned around to find Weazy and Mari (who were looking for a cake for my dad and his twin sister's birthday that we were having at our house) and ran smack into those two guys. I couldn't resist and asked them if I could take a picture of the motorcycle man's t-shirt. He said "SURE!":

The other guy laughed when he saw what I was doing and I asked HIM if I could get a shot of HIS t-shirt, too. He puffed out his chest, proudly and I took a shot of that one (and probably blushed even more...really, my face was probably all blotchy and red and I wanted to laugh some more about how ridiculous I must have looked). I didn't feel particularly "HOT" yesterday, but I was feeling SWEATY!)

I think I'll bite the bullet, pack up the baby and some big helper kid, and head back to Aldi's the next time I need some meat. It's much safer there.