Monday, January 30, 2006

The Little Known XXVIIIth Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.A.

We were working on our American history lesson today. We were discussing the branches of government and the creation of the constitution and all of the articles and amendments. I asked the kids what the freedom of speech would cover and I had to repeat myself because they weren't paying attention. Someone was though and started saying, "PEACH! PEACH!". Of course, it was Niklaus expressing HIS freedom of speech. We went on with the lesson but I noticed Katrina doodling excessively and got upset with her for doodling when she should have been paying attention. This is what she drew:

So then we had to make up all of the laws that follow the "freedom of peach" like, "The right of every citizen to eat peaches whenever they want.", or, "The right to refuse peaches because you don't like them.", and, "The right to go around yelling the word 'peach' without being put in a time out for annoying everyone.".
Then Matthew asked a good question, "Mom, how do the legislators come up with laws to make?" I told him that it was basically up to US to give them the ideas for new laws and then they got enough people to agree that a certain law should pass and they bring it up in congress and decide and vote if that law should be a new law. I told him that it was really hard to amend the constitution but he got all excited and started bouncing around in his chair and laughing and saying, "So, we REALLY COULD pass a law about the freedom of PEACH!!!!?"

He either totally got it, or totally missed the point.
My kids are weird.