Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Luke At Me

No, luke at me, don't luke at me, I'm a stah, don't you knoh who I ahm?

Last year, I was nominated for the Crescat Blog Awards under the category "Most Bat Shit Crazy Blog". I did not win. (was it because of the profanity? Were my friends and family offended by the "S" word? C'mon, even if you never SAY it, you know you THINK it. Probably a LOT.) I think I should have been happy I didn't win? I sort of pride myself on my quirky thoughts and weirdness so I have to admit I was more than just a little disappointed. Especially since I changed my layout just before I even knew I was nominated for that thing and look at all the creepy bats flittering around (yeah, they're still there!). I mean, how perfect? I COULDA BEEN A CONTENDAHHHH!

Oh well, now I've been nominated in a different category. I don't think I'll solicit votes this time. I want it all to be fair and square. (scroll down to the last category called: Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often) I want to win on my own merit as a blog that millions of people wish was updated more often because of the supreme wit, intelligent subjects, laugh-your-butt-off humor, etc. that I offer each time I deign to press my delicate fingers against the keys to create such bloggems as THIS, THIS, THIS, and don't forget, THIS ONE. For fairness' sake, I have to harken back to THIS ONE. Don't say I never gave ya nothin.

(P.S. Here is one of my very favorite posts with lots and lots of pictures of a cute baby.)

I'm totally NOT posting these pictures and links to garner more votes. I would never use my beautiful and not-at-all-goofy-looking offspring in a cheap, desperate attempt to get you to feel guilty about voting for someone else in this contest.

BUUUUUT...if I DID win this year, because you all love me so much you stop by early and often to vote over and over again for me me me and only me...I might just get a teeny bit happy about that. I'm so much more pleasanter when I'm happy. Eets okah, yew cahn luke at me again...