Saturday, December 27, 2008

Would That You Could Hear What I Hear

Bocker (this morning as he was playing with Tommy):

Oh, I like touching his tongue! It's so cute! Oh, Mama he's scratching his ear! His cheeks are red! He thinks I'm bald! I'm not bald, Tommy! (he just got a haircut)

(Later, in the car on the way to wally world to spend his Christmas gift card, he looked out the window and started this conversation):

"Hey Mom? I don't think there are any more tornadoes for thousands of days."

Me: Huh?

Bocker: I said that there's no tornadoes for thousands of days. A long long time ago there was a tornado but I don't think it was here except I think it was.

Me: ?

Niklaus, what made you think about tornadoes at this time of year?

Bocker: Well, I don't know, I was just thinking about tornadoes. I think that hurricanes are tougher than tornadoes, though.

Me: Well, actually...

Bocker: Yeah, they are WAY tougher.

Me: No, they are both very dangerous and they both are wind that's swirling around a lot and causing all kinds of damage. Tornados are faster but hurricanes make a big mess with the water and damage a lot more stuff... but we only have tornadoes on land and hurricanes happen where there is water...

Bocker: (perking up because the next think he thought of was...) Hey! You know, there's hurricanes in TEXAS, right? Hey Mama, you know those friends of mine who live in Texas, do you? They live in Texas and also there's bees in Texas and rattlesnakes. Oh, and there's cowboys in Texas too.

Me: Yup, you're right about all that!

Bocker: Mom, can tornadoes pick up bricks?

Me: Yes, they can pick up whole houses and smash them down into piles of sticks. See that big house there? A tornado is nothing to mess with. A tornado could pick up that big house and twist it around into a smushy pile of sticks.

Bocker: Yeah, but could a tornado pick up a brick?

Me: ?

Bocker, I just told you that a tornado could pick up an entire house MADE OF BRICKS, so don't you think it could pick up ONE brick?

Bocker: Yeah, I think it could maybe pick up one brick. I always wondered about that.

Me: Bocker?

Bocker: What?

Me: I love you.

Bocker: Yeah, I know.