Monday, December 29, 2008


It sure was windy today! Just about knocked my socks off. The stinker of it all was that it wasn't really that cold. I can take most anything but wind will RUIN my day.

I've been blogging again on my marathon training/running blog again if you want to check it out. My friend and I started running an average of 3-4 miles a few times a week back in the beginning of October. She's all pregnant now so I can't whip her, and beat her, and make her run hill drills but we're trying to keep her nice and fit so she has a healthy pregnancy and can get back in shape faster after the birth in around July.

Go check it out iffin yer want ter. Go ahead and ask to be invited and I'll invite you if you're worthy and not a stalker or an ax murderer. I have very low standards, so your chances are pretty good.

Also, check out the new header on that blog and give a shout out to Regina who fixed 'er up for me real good (she did this one too). That girl is just a ray of sunshine in a murky, dark world, I tell you. I especially appreciate her comments. She's always so encouraging, supportive, and sweet.

A Haiku. For Regina:

Thought I topped them all
But then, I met Regina
Smarta** of the world