Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Matt Cubed

My sister, Anna is 12 years younger than me. She is 10 years younger than my sister, Katrina (there were three boys in between us but I'm not talking about them right now). When she was born, us girls were so happy. We had a little, beautiful, living doll to play with and adore. She grew in much love and grace and today is a wonderful person and I'm so proud of the woman she's become.

We missed her horribly when she went to college. We couldn't believe we let her live in Alaska for the summer after she graduated college but we knew it was a good opportunity for her growth. We felt sorrow that she couldn't seem to find any man who would treat her so well that he'd be deserving of her love but we knew that someday (even if it didn't seem like it to her) she'd find the perfect person to share her life with.

Ahem (excuse me whilst I get a tad verklempt).

Last spring, she found that man. He's a sailor out in the Indian Ocean (but from Wisconsin) and was working out there when they met. They got to know each other from afar which was an unconventional but ideal way to start a relationship (in my opinion!), and when they met in person? Oh man, I'm pretty sure they both got hit with the fireworks pretty instantly! Katrina and I met him and we both KNEW that this was IT. That was just this summer! We met his family and can see where he gets his good nature and happy, good attitude. We are already planning the years to come and Matt is intertwined in our family and our plans.

Matt is a total goof and fits in with the boys in our family so well, you'd think he's been around forever. Upon our first meeting, both Katrina and I told our SIL separately (without having talked about our first impressions with each other) that one word to describe him would be "humble"!

We've all fallen in love with him. I have a hard time NOT referring to him as "your uncle, Matt" even though they have one of those already (Matt is my sis, Katrina's hubs and also my son's name...in case you didn't know).

So, Matt has to share names with his future brother in law and future nephew (no, they're not engaged yet...a girl can dream) and he's also going to have to share Anna's best love with me and Trine (thus, "Matt Cubed"! Hahaha! Get it????) but he's so sweet, he can handle it all.

He had to go back to his job on the Ocean for four months and we are already missing him so much. We said goodbye at Thanksgiving and I got a chance to take some pictures of him and Anna and also took some video which perfectly illustrates how comfortable they are with each other and how DANG CUTE they are together.

Check it out and just TRY not to say "awwwww". I dare you.

Happy Birthday to you, Anna (December 24th) and Merry Christmas to Matt on the other side of the world.