Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Poke The Baby!

Hey! MN PEEPS! Did you know?...

"Thus far, the state of Minnesota has illegally collected and claims ownership to the DNA of 780,000 children (soon to be voting adults) and has provided the DNA of 42,210 children to genetic researchers without parent consent. Approximately, 73,000 children are born in Minnesota every year. About 4.2 million children are born across the nation. All of them are losing their genetic privacy and DNA ownership rights."

Funny how God works, isn't it?

Here's the thing: Last night I was chatting with my sil about some junk and I brought up some stuff about when Tommy was born. I was telling her about how I found out (about six months before he was born) about how MN was taking the DNA (blood samples) of our babies and storing them without the parent's consent. I told her about how I opted out of the PKU test (where they take the sample) and how there was this weirdo nurse who kept hounding me about it. She became absolutely gestapo and repeatedly brought me information about immunizations, testing, etc. etc. I opt out of the eye goo for gonorrhea, and all immunizations. That info was on the wipeoff board in big letters right inside my door in the hospital so the nurses couldn't say they weren't informed and she couldn't let it go that it was my INFORMED CHOICE. She even gave me one of those passive/aggressive smiles and asked me, "Can I ask WHY?" Then, after I gave her my short answer, she tried to cover up that she thought I was the most idiotic mother she's ever met by saying, "Oh, I just was wondering because some people don't really have any info. and just hear stuff or read it on the internet blah blah blah." After that, I was DONE with her. When she saw my doctor was visiting Tommy and I, she came barrelling in the room with her arms full of three ring binder files and gasped out, "I just wanted to let you know...did you tell him?...that she is not doing the PKU testing!!!!???!!!".


Anyway, he just sat there calmly and told her that there really wasn't any good reason to do that testing except for a stop gap for mothers who might not really care about their infants. He told her that if there really was a child with one of the diseases they test for, that that child would be a SICK child whom the mother would bring to the doctor and that they would do the testing then. He basically BRUSHED HER OFF (yay doctor!) and she finally shut up and left me alone. That was the same idiot nurse who kept waking Tommy to get his temp when he was on his third day and perfectly healthy in my arms nursing himself to sleep. If I wasn't holding a sleeping infant, I would have shoved that damn thermometer up HER rea...ahem, I digress:

SO, today, I was listening to the radio and they were talking about that same thing! Not the thermometer thing. That would be gross...the DNA testing thing! Here is an open letter to our RINO Guv about it:

"You're just being paranoid, Laura! No big deal! Just let them test the baby for pete's sake! They find these's GOOD for the baby! They've been doing that and the eye goo thing for years! It's all about prevention!"


Think again.

It's all about control and power. The more power the state has over you and your person, the more they want. Like HELL they would take my baby to poke and prod and use as some sort of commodity!

We are HUMAN BEINGS with dignity and freedom. We are NOT guinea pigs to be used at the government's pleasure.

PLEASE think about what they will do to your infant while they are busy sewing you up and distracting you from your screaming child.

Oh yeah. Eye goo is for gonorrhea. ONLY for gonorrhea.

I like my babies to see around them when they first pop out! It was amazing to see how much they looked around and how alert they were because they weren't irritated by that gooey stuff.

Just thought you'd like to know.

H/T Sue Jeffers' radio talk show on KTLK