Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thomas' Baptism (Saturday, May 10, 2008)

I wanted one more picture before he got baptized. Note the very non-baptizey look on his face? You can totally tell he's still a pagan baby in this picture, can't you? Also, note that he is not wearing a silky, girly outfit or baptismal gown. It's sort of a tradition in this family now. Matthew got baptized in a white, quilted McDonald's brand outfit with light blue piping from Wal-Mart (sounds kind of tacky, but it was really cute). Niklaus got baptized in an off white, Old Navy onesie and jeans (at the last minute, I couldn't find the outfit from Matty's baptism so I wrapped him up in a blanket and hoped no one noticed). Thomas was wearing his Easter outfit (he was going to wear the outfit that his cousin, Wyatt wore but Trine forgot to bring it. I kind of figured that might happen and I don't really care.). Redneck baptisms for the boys in this family I guess.

Here's a very short video of the big moment!

This is my Uncle Tommy with Thomas. He is my dad's brother and one of the nicest people I know. I was so happy to name Thomas after him. His son, Billy is marrying my friend Rachie at the end of June. Rachie and Billy are Thomas' Godparents. Also, Rachie is one of the most sickeningly beautiful gorgeous supermodels of the world. Then she smiles and she starts to get other-worldly beautiful.

Here are some of the umpteen kids that were at the (thankfully, private) baptism playing in the baptismal hot tub.

I guess all that baptizing tired him out. Tommy and Papa took a little cat-nap at the party we had here afterward.

He got some nice presents but the nicest part of the day was that we got to spend time with beloved friends and family and got to welcome Thomas into our Christian family.

Thomas got very excited when his Godmother told him that he can come and visit her at her house someday soon (beware, this video may cause you to pass out from the cuteness. And I'm not talking about the baby!)

P.S. I was looking at some old posts from a couple of years ago and I found Mari's baptism pictures. It's kind of funny that Mari was baptized on the same day (vigil of Pentecost!) and that it was also the day of the TLM at our historic church! We went to that Mass yesterday too (the girls and I)! Trina and I also went today to the TLM at the once a month service in a nearby town because a friend's daughter was having her First Holy Communion today and we didn't want to miss her big day. It was a weekend of lovely sacraments. The same priest said both Masses. Today, he said that baptisms were traditionally held on Easter vigil and Pentecost vigil in the early church!

P.P.S. Bocker and Mari were climbing all over me while I was holding Thomas this afternoon. Bocker was rubbing Thomas' head and said, "Holy baby! Hey, that was funny when that guy who was wearing the weird clothes dumped water on Tommy's head last night!"

I guess I shouldn't assume that the kids will just sort of absorb the faith! I think I have some explaining to do!