Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Insurance Company,

I know that we've had claim after claim due to the storms in our area in the last few years, but this is the biggest hail I've ever seen! We got two storms (on Sunday) within minutes of each other and both had layers and layers of this nasty stuff. The first storm was preceded by GREEN sky and very ominous atmosphere but didn't cause any damage. The second storm was BEATING on the house and was so loud you had to shout to be heard. Mari was shouting "POPCORN!. That's what it looked like falling from the sky and bouncing off of our windows, house, VAN, and lawn!

A lot of people other places in the state and in Iowa got it a lot worse than us. Some even died. We have the pain of shelling out cash YET AGAIN for deductibles, etc., but we lived to tell the tale and still have a roof over our heads (dented, but still sound)!