Saturday, May 31, 2008

Homeschool Conference and Stuff

I went to the event (at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN) and met some ladies at the "blogger's roundtable". It was nice but the best part was seeing Paula there. I love that girl (she's back there in front of the window).

I went by myself on Friday but didn't plan very well so I went again today at the very end with the girls and Tommy. I RAN to the Seton table and snatched up about 80% of the kids' school for next year (the rest they will send FREE SHIPPING in a little while). We also got 2 big, replica Daniel Boone rifles for the boys, some T-shirts for me and the two big girls, mantillas (Trina has been talking about getting some for a while so I finally gave in) for me and the big girls, some Geo-Deo games, some really cool, super powerful magnets, and an autographed copy of Catholics and the New Age by Fr. Mitch Pacwa (who was there and signed it for me and played with Tommy!). I missed his talks, but getting to chat with him and have him ogle Tommy was even better!

Mari was a big, stink butt while we were shopping there.

THEN, on our way home (actually while we were in the parking lot, ready to leave) Butch calls me and tells me that there is a HUGE hailstorm and tornado warning and we would be driving RIGHT TOWARD it if we headed home! I called my bro-in-law and he watched the radar and the map and got us ALMOST past the storm but it hit us right as we were in front of the KARE 11 studio in Golden Valley. The Perkin's flag was almost stick straight as the front slammed into us and we sped into the parking lot. I pulled onto the sidewalk about 3 feet away from the door and let Trina and Mari out first as the first hailstones started to wing into the back of the van. They got way too intense for me, Weazy, and Tommy so we had to wait about 5 minutes for a window of time to dart out of the van and into the restaurant. We decided to stay and eat because the hail lasted about 20 minutes! I finally got to go out to the van to move it and, as I parked, I saw this in the sky:

(See the KARE 11 sign across the street?)

I got more hail damage on my van. The rearveiw mirror is smashed and the hail knocked my blind spot mirror off!

We got home safely and the boys grilled some burgers on our new grill that we got from the neighbors (it was an extra one they didn't want anymore). We are probably going to have our parents over for grilling tomorrow.

I hope it doesn't hail again.