Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holy Big Head Mass!

I think I just sh*t my drawers.

"Heart of the Beast Theater"...INDEED!

Go HERE for picture highlights if you can't see the video (which would give you nightmares anyway).

Ya know, it just ain't a good Mass without a ginormous headed scary mask person prancing around trying not to fall on the audien...I mean "congregation". "Hey! Don't you remember the wolves leading the way into Jerusalem...oh, that Easter Island Head Jesus is SO realistic!" It's really catching on! I wonder if they're doing it to scare the bejeevers out of little kids (and adults!) on purpose?

Hey, wouldn't it be funny to "accidentally" trip one of the giant heads and see what happened after that? Man, I should NOT be thinking about Mass in this way...NOBODY should! This is NOT Mass. I don't know what the heck it is but it's getting to look more and more like some sort of pagan nightmare than anything resembling the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Tommy says, "Hey, let me in on some of that big head puppet action! I've got the perfect look for it!"

H/T The Curt Jester