Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Does Anybody Work For GE?

'Cause if you do, this post's for YOU. My very pretty, very fancy, stainless steel, digital, electric oven started beeping and flashing "F7" when I came back from the hospital with Mari 1.5 years ago. I tried and tried to figure out what was wrong with the thing and after I spend 75 dollars for the "repair man" to tell me the digital panel needed to be replaced for about 400 dollars I couldn't believe that something less than 4 years old would poop out that fast. When I called GE to complain, they basically accused me of cleaning it wrong and causing the damage. Real helpful. Thanks.

Then...it spontaineously fixed itself! And it worked fine until about 3 weeks ago.

NOW it's telling me "F0" and I keep thinking, "No, FU" and I feel like getting one of those old fashioned, little house on the prairie wood stoves because I KNOW they don't come with stinkin' digital panels that are so sensitive they don't work after 4 years. I can still use the stovetop but I can't bake anything. If it only had dials, I could use it but NOOOOOO, I had to go all fancy and pick the thing with the cute buttons that go "beep".

I keep "Fonzie-ing" it but that isn't working too hot (get it?... I wrote "hot" ha ha I'm so funny :-I). So I just keep praying that it spontaineously fixes itself again because school is starting soon and I've got NO extra moolah to buy a new stove or even fix the old one.

Bocker is about going nuts for the lack of fresh baked cookies. He loves to help me make them.

Does anyone know a really good, microwave cookie recipe?