Friday, August 24, 2007

My Temper Thingy

In an effort to improve myself and my bad habits, I took the Temperaments test and now I'm only going to post the "bad" parts (seee how humble I'm becoming?) of being a choleric-sanguine which is what I am, apparently:

Without strong formation and a deep spiritual life, however, your temperament’s weaknesses will be intensified. Without attention to self-formation you may find yourself quickly aroused to anger, yet also unforgiving. You can be impatient with others and overly opinionated. You may speak frankly or impulsively without regard for others’ feelings. You should take care that you become neither a workaholic nor driven by your passions. You may insist on having your own way, and become angered, blame others, or make excuses when corrected. But, once you become aware of the weaknesses of your nature, and make a commitment to self-improvement, you will be able to be equally determined in pursuing self-formation.
Yup, that about covers it! All of the nicey-nice things it said in the preceding paragraphs made my head grow really large and then I read this paragraph and thought, "What? That is TOTALLY NOT...okay, that is totally me. I admit it!" Although, I'm sure not worried (and neither should anyone else be) about ME becoming a workaholic. I am very driven by my passions. Here are some of my latest:

1. Unfair taxation and stupid decisions on the part of city government.
2. Genetic testing samples taken from my babies' feet (during the pku foot prick) in the hospital. They send it to the government and test for genetic anomalies without our knowledge or consent. I just found that one out today on the radio...Big brother, anyone?
3. Broken ovens and no money to buy new ones.
4. Hyper 3 year olds that don't want to listen.
5. Big bellies when one is only 11 weeks pregnant THATS JUST FRICKEN PLAIN NOT FAIR I TELL YOU
6. Kids who get hurt or are hurting and all we can do is pray.

Okay, done griping. I'll go pray now and check out some of the blogs of people way nicer and happier than me right now. Maybe the next post will be something shiney and glowey instead of this junk right here.