Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wrapping Up Summer

These two pictures were taken different days from the inside of the house looking out on to the porch through the window (subjects unaware). I love the porch in the summer time. It is a busy place! I gave the free turtle sand box to Trine (cover, good for keeping cats out) and used the old swimming pool instead. It sure keeps the kids busy and the porch messy. The little bistro table that I moved out there is so great for tea parties, or doodling, or playing house, that I will feel bad about moving it back into the house for the winter (it makes a great chess table).

My mom and Trina

Neighbor, Gabby, and Weazy

We borrowed some tape from the neighbors and Weazy and Bocker decided to have some fun with it. Mari felt bad she was being left out so they used regular tape on her and she felt much better. Niklaus isn't suffering from cyanosis or anything, he just really likes blue popsicles.

Does anyone know what these flowers are called? I got them from my mom and they didn't have a tag. They are so pretty and super vine-y. I keep wanting to re-plant them into a bigger planter and maybe try to train them up a trellis, but it's getting too late in the year. I wish I could winter them over somehow. Can it be done?

I just thought this one was so funny (Mari will only eat the marshmallows, of course, notice the spoon content). That morning she decided to put on the infant, winter hat that I had gotten on clearance from work for some baby gift or some baby in the future. She claimed it as her own and insisted on wearing it through breakfast!