Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Get A New Godchild!

We had a wonderful party on Sunday to celebrate my dad and his twin's 60Th birthday. All (well, most anyway) of my aunts and uncles and cousins that I grew up with were there. Since we all pretty much live very close to each other, we get to see one another quite frequently but not all together so it really was a rare treat! At the party, my sis-in-law Nellie asked me to be Sofia's godmother (Butch is the godfather). YAY, it was the very best part of my day and it really was a great day, so that's saying a whole lot! So of course, I have to include a majillion pics of her in the next few months as we prepare for her baptism into the Church. I'll start right now with a few from the party.
Here is Sofia really rippin' it up at the party. We told her, "Hey, slow down and take 'er easy there...we've got ALL day to par-tay!" So she did.

My dad and Sr. B...Dad wishes HIS hair was as white as hers so he could more easily pass for Santa. They both look so good for being old as the hills. Haha Dad!
I don't feel right posting all the cute pictures of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and their kids without permission but I can post some of the fun pictures of my family and funny/cute ones that don't show specific faces: Niklaus spinning in an office chair (he made me do it until I got sick watching him), The little girls in the basement playing eeny meeny with BOTH feet (takes a lot longer to get eliminated that way), Mari daintily eating her cupcake, Mari sharing her cheese with Wyatt, Trina playing with Bella (Trina is Bella's favorite cousin, I think), Analise with some Mayflowers picked just for me at the edge of the woods bordering my parent's property, cousins watching our younger ones playing a game of ball (pretty much what we did all day!) and my favorite pic of all: My cousin chasing her son who started running around with his shirt off right before they had to go. I don't know why, but the sight of her chasing him and him running while giggling maniacally was so funny to me, I couldn't resist snapping a shot of it!