Sunday, May 13, 2007

Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco... Frannncisco... Franciscooo...

Today we had a lot going on. Our nephew, Roman, had his birthday party. He is SO ready to be three! We had a very nice time, but WHEW, did it get HOT! It was a hot, blustery day so we couldn't even spend much time out on their new deck (which is awesome) but it's always good to get together with the family and enjoy food, drinks, and fun with the kids. After that, we had to skedaddle off to the "Our Lady of Fatima" play that Katrina narrated and Matty starred as "Francisco". They both did a fabulous job, and everyone was pleasantly surprised at how professionally and well they performed. The only glitches were when the microphone started doing this annoying static noise at the beginning and at the end when baby Jesus didn't want to go by Joseph for his big scene. They rounded up an "understudy" (there sure were enough to chose from in the audience) and it got a huge laugh! One of the homeschool moms wrote and directed the play. She did so much work to make sure the kids did a job they could be proud of. Somehow, she even got Jeremy Stanbary to come and give them special instruction one day for their rehearsal! He was really helpful and so generous to the children! Since the faces are quite hard to see, I don't have a problem posting scenes from the play:

"WWI had been raging..."

"The three, shepherd children were visited by an angel..."

"Jacinta and Francisco's parents did not believe them..."

"The town was celebrating the feast day of St. Anthony..."


That's Matty in the green jacket. His overall assessment of his performance?
"Yeah, I even pretended like I didn't MIND that I had to wear a stupid sock on my head!"

Hmmm, I guess those were pretty funny head gear back then, but what would they think of our icky baseball caps nowadays?