Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's All Fun And Games

We are going to have a bonfire (weather permitting) in June for the homeschoolers and some of our neighborhood children and my children would like to find some new group games to play with the kids (ages 5 and up). Do you know of any fun ones? My kids know red rover, froggy murderer, mafia, all varieties of tag, "trick" games (tricks to play on people who haven't played them before). Trina was asking me if I knew any new ones because (thank goodness) they get together with their friends quite often and are getting sick of the same games. If you know of any could you describe them in the comment box or email a description of ones that are really good for big groups of children? Also, if the weather is bad, we will have to do some circle-type games or board games in the garage. Any suggestions? Thank you!