Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Hunky Hubbs, Movies, and Nuns

We went to a wedding last weekend and it was one of the few times we have actually gone out in a loooooong time. Anna had come home for the weekend and watched the rug rats and Trina watched Nellie and Pete's kiddos. We had a nice time but one thing I'd like to observe is that we didn't have communion at church. I assumed that the bride wasn't Catholic but it made the service seem...weird. I know that it is still valid but it was so SHORT. I mean, what's a Catholic wedding if it doesn't last at LEAST one and a half hours???? Then the bride and groom walked out of church only to walk back in and go up to the altar again and begin dismissing/greeting (a la the ushers) people pew by pew. Hmmm. It was a cold day and this was actually a good way to NOT end up freezing our butts off in the entryway but it was a bit awkward. Anyhoo, here is a picture of Butch and I at our table at the reception and I thought he looked cute with his new glasses:
I don't have very many pictures of Butch and I because I am usually the one with the camera but seeing this picture makes me think that maybe we need to make more time together and go out on more dates. It sure is hard to find the time when we have all these kids to be concerned with! We are falling in to a bad habit of just staying home and thinking we'll have time to watch a movie when the kids go to bed and then we just fall asleep after about 10 minutes. Okay, I fell asleep when we tried to watch X-men III the other night. It was a good movie but I was just SO DARN TIRED!!!! I never used to fall asleep for movies, even if they were super boring. I must be getting old. Dangit. Only old people say "dangit". Oh well, we watched the Larry The Cable Guy movie last night and it was truly horrible, but I think that Larry guy is a darn good actor. Hey, don't laugh...he really is! Okay, I didn't mean to make this post into a movie review but I'm trying to type to stay awake for adoration at midnight so bear with me. Niklaus has now watched Over the Hedge so many times that he's quoting movie lines and he still asks to watch it again and again. He went over to Auntie Nellie's today with Matthew while us girls went to our first Little Flowers meeting (for Analise) and they watched it over there, too! At the meeting, we had some visiting sisters from the Dominican order who were teachers at a Catholic school in Stillwater and they had a little slide show and presentation for the girls. It was so nice to hear them talk about their vocation. I wish we had sisters like them more visible in our town. I thought it was particularly funny how they referred to each other as "Sister" most times instead of their names and even though they didn't look at the sister they were referring to, they somehow knew which one they were talking about. That is a funny habit (pardon the pun!) of sisters who live in community or work closely together. They were lovely, very young women and it was an honor to have them visit. They also gave a little, impromptu performance of a song/prayer in Latin that was riveting and very impressive (they claimed not to be "singers" but they did a beautiful job, any kind of Latin chant sounds pretty to me even if sung by unpracticed voices) to the girls. I have been thinking lately about how God works in my life and how I am recognizing so many "God moments". For instance, today I visited the Angry Twins blog that I haven't been to in a long time. He had a post about the "Singing Nun" from the sixties and how she came to a bizzare end having left the convent and getting into some pretty sinful, nasty stuff until she and her lesbian lover committed suicide...THEN I got to see an example of Dominican sisters that was beautiful, faithful and reverent. I think God must have been counter-acting the negative thing that I had read earlier by giving me a sign of hope. Now, I'm a naturally optimistic person and I don't normally need these signs, but it's nice when I get them! Pray for those sisters and all of our young people discerning vocations!