Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Twelve Years Ago Today...

...I was sitting in my puny hospital room reflecting on what had happened the day before and wondering why the heck no body (including that silly birthing class instructor) had told me that I would feel like you could bend me in half and break me because I had gotten so used to the feeling of something really bulky in my middle up until the day before. I was also wondering how come no body told me about having to wear a diaper stuffed with ice, take something called a "sitzbath" (what th'????), and how all of the sudden after years of being a woman I would have these weird "hips" that stuck out where I had none before. Another think that struck me as odd was how come after ten calendar months of agony and bloating and not feeling very well (nope, never was one to say, "I just Looooove being pregnant!") our baby would come out and look JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND AND NOTHING LIKE ME. Not fair. Just not fair, I say.

I had a LOT of things to think about that day.

I have had a lot of things to think about every day since.

Ever since that day I have been a member of the "club". The "Igavebirthandbecameamom" club.

Wow. Mom used to say (about giving birth, which was easy for her for some strange reason) "Hey, you can do ANYTHING for a couple of hours once every couple of years!".

After I had Katrina, I immediately got on the phone (hadn't even gotten up to shower and was euphoric but when I finally stood up an hour later, I promptly fainted for the first time in my life, that was WEIRD!) and called my cousin, Kelly and told her I would never do THAT again, ever...EVER I TELL YOU! Of course, when I met Butch that first night on our blind date, we both agreed that we would NEVER be married and NEVER have children! Yeah. MMMhmmmm.

Okay, and now to honoring the big birthday gal herself!

Katrina is the coolest girl I ever knew. If I was in her class, I know we would be friends if she would deign to actually talk to a nerd like me. She actually has real coolness inherent where I have to work at it all of the time. She has talent as an artist that I could NEVER have and is a good and true friend. She is loyal to her family and friends and tries to be a good sister to her siblings. That girl is going places in life. I can't wait to see where! She really is everything I wish I could have been at her age. Innocent, smart, pretty, STRAIGHT HAIRED, funny, talented, morally convicted, stubborn as hell, tough, kind hearted and a really reliable daughter to boot! If I need her, she is there. But, the most important thing about her is that she is a child of God and I KNOW the saints smile down on her and can't wait to welcome her into the arms of Jesus some day. They will have to wait because Katrina Mariah is destined for some great purpose here on Earth! I don't know what it will be but I KNOW that it will be something unforgettable and will benefit mankind.

No pressure! Heehee!

Well, she already did ONE REALLY GREAT THING!!!!
She made me a mom for the FIRST TIME!!!!!

And I couldn't be happier that I got her. She was such a sweet baby and she hasn't changed a BIT...except that she's a little bit taller and has hair now (taller than ME!).

Check out these cute birthday photos from Saturday:

I know, I know...SUPER PRE-TEENISH!

But here is how I really see them:

Happy Birthday (plus one day) Katrina!

Daddy and I love you so much!

I want to include the comment from Auntie Nina (fertlmertl):

"...and I was there for the whole thing....drove 85 mph for 5.5 hours, stopping only to pick up random balloons, stuffed toys, gifts and other things to welcome the my FIRST niece into the world. I didn't want her coming here w/o a big fanfare. It was quite the spectacle and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Hearing her name (my name) for the first time was about one of the most special things for me ever. Slightly sorry I haven't reciprocated on that front but not enough to name this one after you either--some sister!!

For the record, after that show, I didn't think you'd have any more after her even more than you didn't think you would...who knew?

Trina's smile is killer in these pics. I love it!

The One And Only Namesake."

She really did that! I will never forget the scene of her coming down the hospital corridor with about a dozen gift bags/balloons/stuffed animals etc. for her new baby niece/nephew. I couldn't imagine that moment without her there and I was thrilled to see that she had made it in plenty of time. She almost fainted when Katrina (the younger) was born because it was so overwhelming to drive all that way and have so much emotion about her first niece! From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew Auntie Nina HAD to be there for the delivery and she hasn't missed any of my children being born. I couldn't have named my first born anything but Katrina. It was the name I wished I had had my whole life! She always got a smile or an "oooh" when her name was mentioned because it was so feminine and pretty sounding. Laura is okay, but it's no Katrina! Now that dumb old hurricane had to go and ruin it for all of the Katrinas out there! Whatever. Stupid hurricane. I still love it and it has the best connotations for me. My sister and my daughter...two of the most important gals in my life.