Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Soapbox Warning!

I wrote this in my friend Megan's comment box and I thought I'd post it because I'm too tired today and not feeling very original to come up with something new. She is writing a paper on the "post-feminist movement" and had mentioned that she was looking for some resources at the library and it got me thinking...dangerous thing, that!...

Laura's Rant on "Feminism"

I find that a lot of the so-called "feminist" movement is really just a way to make women more (ironically) masculine! True feminism is recognizing the uniqueness of femininity and the special way we fit into society and forming of the young. I find it so insulting that people make fun of the role that women had in the 50's as being somehow less important thatn the new, mondernized view of how women should be (like the picture of the woman with the cake and the valium, seemingly harmless, photoshop fun, but really insensitive to artistic people who find fulfillment in creating things for their family and friends). If you polled a lot of those women today (the one's that had loving, supportive husbands) they would probably tellyou that they had a wonderful life and wonder what the heck the fuss was all about! Pope John Paul II wrote an great Apostolic Letter on the Dignity and
Vocation of Women
that, if studied carefully can provide and interesting and loving view of God's plan for the role of women. I used to be fooled by the lies of the feminist movement because they offered the promise of "power" and overcoming the "persecution" of men. I have since learned that most of the so-called "persecution is in the minds of some very unhappy women who will never find fulfillment in their lives as long as they find blame in another sex for their unhappiness. Also, true "power" can only come form God, Himself and what greater power does one need?

P.S. The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world
is soooo true! Also, I've read in multiple stories of
war that the one, last person men call out to in their
last moments on the battlefield is "mother!". That's
pretty powerful! Even if they were raised by a
loving, gentle, wonderful father, and are married to a
great woman and have beautiful children, they call for
their mother...why is that? Could the role of wife
and mother be a tich more important in the formation
of our society than women in the feminist movement
would have us believe?