Thursday, June 09, 2005

Words and Phrases

"I wa rye", "where's Anna", "Where's Papa", "duece"(=juice), "no", "mama", "dada", "tractor"(multipurpose word meaning anything that has four wheels and goes brrrrrrrroooom), "hi", "byebye", "birdy", "huh huh"(breathes hard like a panting puppy, means "puppy"), "ewwwwww", "uck!", "uh-oh", "up"(means "up", also means "down"), "keykeykey"(=kitty), "baby", "bite"...for the word "yes" he grunts like a caveman and the kids know for sure that he means "yes" because his "no" is so very clear. This is a pretty good vocabulary for a one and a half year old, I think. The biggers get such a kick when he comes up with a new word. Weazy and Niklaus were in the bike trailer tonight and Trina was rollerblading along side us. The dolly was in there, too, per Niklaus' request. Weazy noted that he was getting quite good at taking care of "baby". She said he wanted baby by HIM and he had his arm around it and was kissing it and petting it so sweetly. I told Weazy that he was practicing being a big brother someday. Weazy mulled that one over for a while. I can't imagine Niklaus being the youngest forever. I can't wait until the day he gets to be a big brother...someday!