Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Hate Cats

I really do dislike cats (stinky, smelly, scratchy, nasty, snobby, and evil)but kittens are another story. Nina called me today to tell me, "I guess we have a cat now." She didn't sound like she was brimming with resounding excitement. Anyway, she told me about how the kitty kept trying to sneak into the house and how she doesn't have the heart to just let it turn into a farm cat when it really acts differently than the skittish farm kitties. So because Gabohla was going nuts for the critter, Nina and Anna put a box with a towel or something in it in the garage and the kitty slept there. Nina asked Gaboh what the kitty's name is and she matter-of-factly told her, "Mear-ow". Good name for a cat, I guess.