Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Monkey Food"

Last year when we went on "vacation" (I put quotes around it because it was about a 4 hour drive with just me, my friend Janene, her daughter and my four kids to a place in nowhere'sville WI and Niklaus cried almost the whole drive and when he wasn't crying, the kids were bickering, and I was threatening, and basically the kids had a blast and afterward, I NEEDED a REAL VACATION!!!!) I bought these Gerber snacks for Niklaus for the drive. After a while they were being pitched all over the car for entertainment purposes and the kids still talk about the "chicken puffs" (so named, because matty thought they tasted like chicken flavor) and laugh at the memory of trashing our suburban with those things. I never did buy more of them until last week when they were on sale in three packs at Target. Niklaus didn't show much interest in them, but it has got the biggers giggling again about last year's adventures. They made up a jingle and I heard them singing it the other day...
Monkey Food
by Trina, Matty, and Weazy...
(all three of them sing...)
Monkey Food, Monkey Food,
OH, so nummy and CHUNKY too,
Monkey Food is YUMMY!
For your TUMMY!
(then Weazy yells in a commercial-ish fakey-happy voice) ... "For BABIES!!!"

When I asked them why do they call it "monkey food" now, instead of "chicken puffs" they said it was because of the new, disgusting banana flavor. Today, Niklaus was begging for it when he saw the canister I had put in the burb for emergency purposes and he was really cowing them down. I wonder if he was convinced to try them after repeated performances of the new "advertising" campaign by his siblings?