Tuesday, June 07, 2005


We had a wonderful night at Auntie Nina's. We grilled and played outside. Niklaus mowed the lawn with daddy on the "rye" which is Nikolese for "ride". He only repeated it apx 42,000 times since he mowed the lawn at home yesterday with daddy. He was temporarily distracted by the new baby kitten that had found it's way over to Nina and Matt's. I'm sure it was permanently brain damaged and terrorized by 6 kids going, "kittykittykittykitty" and chasing after the freaked out thing. After a couple of minutes, though, the cat didn't seem to really mind and I think it might make a good mouser. Niklaus hugged (well, choked), kissed and otherwise fondled the thing to death and he didn't even care if it scratched him a bit. I swear that kid is made of rubber. He finally got rid of the humongous bruise that he got on his noggin from falling out of the car after Matty opened the door he was leaning on, and yesterday he misjudged how close he was to the edge of the porch step and KADUNK, there he went down onto the sidewalk (only two steps, but still!) and he got a beautiful new bruise with a bonus bloody scrape on his whitebaby forehead. Of course, he didn't cry, he just popped up and saw the lawn mower and said, "I wa rye"...again.