Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Name for Old Object

We went out of town this weekend and we left a few things behind. Auntie Anna brought them over when she dropped off Roman while she went to the dentist. The kids were playing with something from the bag of forgotten items. They were putting it on each other's heads and laughing and giggling and being silly. Matty and Trina said something that I heard as, "Ultra Lord Double Barrel Slingshot!". It was something they had heard on the cartoon "Jimmy Neutron". It was then that I realized they were referring to, and playing with my bra that I had left up North! Later on, I took a shower and I shouted down to Matty, "Matty, could you toss up my...Ultra Lord Double Barrel Slingshot?" He said, "Sure, Mama!" and he made a perfect fling up about 9 feet and I got what I needed. I have a feeling that if I would have asked him to toss up my "bra" he would have said, "ewwwww, gross, no WAY!"