Thursday, September 04, 2008

She Sure Licked 'Em Good!

My favorite part of the speech?

When the littlest daughter was holding the baby and she gives her hand a big ol' lick and slicks his hair down.

THAT was a "mom move" and every mom out there worth her salt knows it well.

The reason I liked it so much was that it told me that her little one has spent a LOT of time with her mom to learn that mom move (it is not an automatic move, it has to be learned). It told me that she really is the middle class, downhomish, tough girl, loving mom that she presents herself to be.

This morning on the Joe Scarborough show, Amy Klobuchar was on and she had the nerve to say something like, "she never said the words 'middle class'!" to which the co-host replied something along the lines of, "she didn't HAVE to, she IS!"

Which was as plain as the nose on your face if you are, indeed, an actual middle class person!

Another complaint from the talking heads this morning was that she will be weak on foreign policy blahblahblah. What a joke. I have a feeling she could hold her own in any situation. But, the thing is...NO president (or VP) is truly alone when dealing with foriegn matters at all. I think about the strong prime ministers and queens throughout history who managed quite well to run their countries with lots more kids and more venomous snakes trying to take them down (with REAL poison, not just poisonous words!) than anyone today could deal with. President/VP of the U.S.? Piece of cake compared to that!

(she just keeps smiling and says "that's cool" when the blowhard, pink-tied idiot asks her the same damn question over and over. This lady is so for real, it's SCARY to them)

I thought it was super funny that the complaints got reduced down to "SHE'S MEAN!" and "how could she possibly mother her children and work at the same time?". Wow.

When they say, "I don't know if they can energize the base with her.". What they are really saying is, "holy crap, we are up s*** creek with this candidate now. Barack doesn't stand a chance against a bunch of riled up middle class soccer/hockey/cheerleading/Catholic/Prolife/piano/hunting/fishing/wrestling/4-wheeling/danceclass/homeschooling/politically saavy/regular/everyday/normal
WOMEN who now have someone JUST LIKE THEM to speak with their voice and be heard."

I love how this morning, on all of the news shows, all of hosts (that still have brown on their noses that hasn't wiped off from last week's DNC) are all so serious and depressed looking after Sarah Palin's whale of a speech.

It's hard not to be just a teeny bit giddy and giggle like a girl.