Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post Snatcher

I thought I'd take a break from posting about politics and post some pics of the kids and I and some things we've been up to. Thing is, I still don't have a camera so I'm at the mercy of my daughter's Polaroid digital point and shoot and whether she's generous enough to download the pictures so I can use them (insert teenager eye-rolling here).

So, to get her back for being such a stingy sharer, I stole the post she just made on HER blog bwaaaaahahahahahahahaha. I'm the "cool" mom on the block for sure now (as if I wasn't before).

We got our things ready for school:

We went to Beebe lake (It was too cold to swim, but we walked in the sand, on the pier, and in the woods surrounding the lake):

For some reason, Tommy couldn't take his eyes off of my camera...

"Ooh shiny...."

"Must get camera!!"

"Man, I wish I could chew on that thing!!"

Tommy started sitting up on his own:
Me and Weazy learned how to install doorknobs in the basement. ( And we got the second coat of paint done in my room! Won't be long now...)
...And I got a haircut... Again :)