Friday, September 19, 2008

Lift Your Eyes

...and see that God is good. Have hope in every day and in every lesson that God is trying to teach you. Let go of little hurts and nuisances. All that matters is life the way God wills us to live it. All that matters is the grace God gives us to pray and grow, and really live our faith.

I can choose not to see that God has His hand in the seemingly sad and terrible way some people suffer and live their lives, but that would mean that all my words and statements of faith have empty meaning.

It is WORK to hope. It is WORK to pray. It's DAMN HARD WORK to CHOOSE to live out our faith and to remain in God's love.

I will not give in to the temptation to let sorrow and fear rule my life. I WILL not give in to the easy path of self doubt and deep, selfish pity. These things are from the evil of hell and have no place in my family.

I will pray for Cole and his family.
I will pray for Cole to pray for us when he joins the communion of saints and sees God's face.

I will pray that the miracle of his life is revealed to all.