Monday, June 23, 2008

Things To Do Before I Die

1. Finish half marathon.


Heehee! I DID IT! AAAAAANNNNNDDDD, I did it much better than I expected!

For all of the details and pictures, go to my training blog. I am posting all about it and will have that post up in a little while.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...things here at home were pretty tame as far as I know. Weazy stayed overnight at Trine's and Trine told her when she woke up how I did at the run. Weazy said, "She finished the marathon before I even woke up!". Tommy drank a bottle and followed his normal routine. I doubt he even missed me. He is such a good baby. I missed everybody! Butch had gotten home pretty early on Friday and I was home about 7pm on Saturday night. I was sooooo tempted to stay at the spa where we dropped off my sil's brother (who ran the whole marathon). It sure would have been nice to plunk my butt down into a nice, hot jacuzzi and get a full body rub-down!

I set up the pool before I left, so the kids had the first day of summer going in full swing.
We are getting to know our neighbors again now that the weather is nice and school is out. They drift on by to share in the summer fun often! Thomas likes the grass and tries to grab it with his pudgy fingers but it takes less time just to bend in half and bring his mouth to the ground, he's found!