Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 More Days Until Grandma's Marathon!

I have opened up my 1/2 marathon training blog to all readers so if you want to see my "training journey" from 2 weeks after Tommy was born until now...go check it out! It's kind of wild to see how the first few miles were pure torture and now, I can run 10 miles with really no problem! It was good to do and to show the kids that practice really does make (almost) perfect! It's also good to show people that doing something you HATE can yield fruits and is worth the sacrifice and suffering.

Okay... It's good to show ME that stuff. I wonder EVERY DAY if it's worth it but when my stamina is up, my heart is healthier, and my weight is down, I can keep up more easily with the kids? I KNOW it's worth it and I'll never regret the hour or so a day that I took to spend some time with the road. I pray while I'm running (had to give up my adoration hour since Tommy was born) so I could never consider it a waste of time (I never listen to music or anything).

My training blog can get ugly so be warned!