Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is It Summer YET?

Last weekend we started to get ready for the city-wide garage sale. I usually get rid of everything in the house (Goodwill) but I decided to hold on to things this year and have a garage sale. The kids really like doing it and dream of the millions they'll make (really, it's usually less than 100 dollars total) but it's always an adventure. Our kitchen table (a garage sale find from about 3 years ago) was pitiful and covered in paint and marker so Butch took it upon himself to bring it outside on Saturday and sand it down and reinforce the legs for me. It's being used in the garage for the sale. With the breakfast bar covered in the clothes I can't stay on top of (with the garage sale going from Wed.- Sat.!) we officially have no place to eat. We're winging it but I can't wait until all the clutter is gone and we have our nice, non-painty table back! So, here are some pictures we took from last weekend up until tonight:
"Behold! The King of Drool!"

"It's GOOD to be King!"

"HEY LOOK! It's the ICE CREAM MAN! Quick, get some change!"

Weazy sports just one of the many "Fourth of July" shirts we'll be buying before the summer is done.

My studly man and his sander. I tell you, there's nothing hotter than a hubs who finishes a project!

Here are the clothes I DON'T get paid for folding and putting away:

Man, this is only about 2 days worth of freakin' laundry!

These are the clothes (and other misc. garbage) I HOPE to get paid for neatly hanging and displaying:

Mari has been having a ball digging in the 25 cent box the neighbor girl brought over to sell. She's been a "pin-cess" for a few days now. She hauls a purse around pretty much wherever she goes. She sure buys a lot of stuff for a girl who doesn't really make much money.

All that shopping (and POTTY TRAINING is busy work)!

Here are a few shots of my view from flat on my back in the driveway afer my run tonight (around 8pm). It was finally a nice day and night with no hail or crazy wind! Butch handed Tommy off to Weazy and she plopped him into my arms just as I was doing my sit-ups. They got to be kind of wet sit-ups with the King of Drool doing what he does best. He really liked being my hand weight!

Some of my friends ask me, "HOW can you RUN while nursing and taking care of all of those kids? How did you get in shape so fast?"
Well, I say that it's things like those that are demonstrated here...I HAVE to run because it's cheap and easy. I have an infant who sucks the life out of me every couple of hours and a toddler that yells, "I want a ride!" and hops on my legs every chance she gets. Combine that with the other kids who keep me hopping in every direction and a hubs who chases me around all the time?...
I can't HELP but stay in shape!