Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Magical Age

We sure had a busy day today! Niklaus' birthday was on Friday so we celebrated it today at 4pm. The reason we chose the later time was because I wanted to go to the 1pm Mass at St. Walburga's.

The Mass was lovely and will only get better as time goes on, I'm sure. We saw a number of familiar faces, which was nice.

I can't help but wonder if the reason the Mass developed into the new order of Mass is because of all of the stuff we CAN'T hear? I haven't grown up with the older form and only have attended a handful of those Masses so I wish I knew the reasoning behind all of the inaudible prayer? I know it's easy enough to KNOW what the priest is saying/praying, but it's hard to capture my children's attention when it seems like there's "nothing" going on up there at the altar. We will sit closer next time, but in the meanwhile, it's got me thinking that there should be some kind of "happy medium" for Mass. Some kind of meld of what's good about the older order and the new? I explained (on the way to Mass) some of the reasons why it is different than what they're used to, and some of the reasons why it has changed but my love for this form doesn't quite translate the way I want it too. I very much dislike not knowing what the proper thing to say or do is. Apparently, many people don't know (as evidenced by how many-even the older folks-were looking around, sheepishly for group-guidance on sitting, standing, and kneeling!) or remember "what to DO" at the older form of Mass. I should be encouraged by the fact that my children chose this Mass over the 6pm Mass at our parish. They were both so disgusted by the music last week, that I doubt very much they were able to pray during Mass or concentrate on the miracle of the Eucharist at all! I haven't asked them yet, but I think they would like to go to St. Walburga's again!

After Mass, we went on an emergency trip to Target to purchase party supplies! We weren't able to go out yesterday because of the snowstorm. I don't trust that rear-wheel-drive van in those slippery conditions. We had to hustle to get home in time to set up the party (while Niklaus and Mari took a much needed nap at home with Daddy).

We got ready for the party just in time for guests (my siblings and their families, Mom and Dad, and the three neighbor kids). There were 15 grand kids, 3 extra kids, and 10 adults and it was very nice. Even with all those people in the house, it was very peaceful and sweet. I still wish I had one, big room to fit everyone in!

Here is a video of Niklaus opening presents and a mini-tour of the house with all of the people in it (small main floor!). I have NO room for a Christmas tree and Dad gave me heck tonight for not having one, "No tree for the kids???". I told him that it is Advent, NOT Christmas yet (but really, I'm still trying to figure out just where I'll put the thing!). It may have to be a last minute, front porch kind of deal. Santa will be okay with that, right?

Here is a video of Matty almost smashing the cake completely into his shirt (while the candle was LIT!). He claims it was an accident, but I think it was a secret plot to hog all the frosting for himself. The cake was deeeelicious (even if it was a little smudged)!

My little boy is four now! Four is my favorite age. It's been my favorite ever since my little sister, Anna was four. I distinctly remember thinking that four was my favorite "kid age" back then. I babysat a LOT back then and all of my favorite kids were four. I think it's because it's the age where they can communicate well, but they are still struggling with meaning, which makes everything they say hilariously funny. They are still very sweet and babyish, but are big enough to do most things for themselves. By the time they turn five, they are just a little wiser in the ways of manipulating the grown-ups. But for one, blessed year, they are still four: un-jaded, innocent, silly, laugh-out-loud goofy, crazy kids.

Happy birthday to my big, four-year-old, boy!

He asked me tonight if we could go again to "scrape around in the dark". I sat there COMPLETELY bewildered. I finally figured out that he wanted to go outside to shovel snow like he and I had done last night in the middle of the storm (just to get the bulk of it out of the way of the porch steps). He had so much fun in the snow with me, he wanted to do it again tonight!

(See? Four is AWESOME!)