Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today was the day!

I think it's been 6 months since I last baked something in my oven.
Here is the old panel that beeped and cursed me out every day for the past six months:

When I called the company the first time, they told me that I must have "cleaned it wrong" and moisture got behind the panel. You can see from those pictures that there is no moisture damage but the little connectors are kind of "burnt out". In my not-very-trained-for-electronics opinion, this was just a manufacturing defect (otherwise, why would it break after only a few years?).

Here is the new, still working after 10, whole minutes panel that will probably (knowing my luck with appliances) poop out in about 3 years or less:

But, for TODAY, I'm jumping up and down, giving my appliance repair guy (Clayton's Appliance Repair Monticello: 763-295-5122* Zimmerman: 763-856-3936) high fives, and thanking GOD for an appliance that does what it's supposed to do. I have much happiness in my heart on this fine, Tuesday afternoon (300 smackaroonies later! At Christmas time that is a stretch, but it's my present to ME because what the heck can you bake at this time of year without an oven??? I looked up the part online and really, THAT took up most of the moolah. Clayton was a very ethical repairman and had a very fair price for his service. I highly recommend him!)

Here is how I'm re-breaking in my "new" oven:

I just got a call from my mother-in-law that my father-in-law felt cold and had low blood pressure after his daily walk this morning and never felt quite right after that. He told my mom-in-law that yes, they should go to the hospital (which is scary to my MIL because he would normally NOT prefer to go to the hospital). He's in intensive care right now for observation. He has a huge history of heart problems (bi-pass surgery, pacemaker) and is quite fragile health-wise (but very hearty, spirit wise!). Please say a prayer for him? I think I'll send some TURKEY DINNER (WOOOOHOOOOO!) with Butch when he goes to visit him tonight!