Friday, December 28, 2007

More Christmas 2007 *updated with video

Christmas eve we went to my sister's house and all of my sibs were there with their spouses and kiddos. Here is the best picture of all of the cousins together (minus the cousin hiding in mah belleh):

I really tried to get the evil red-eye out of their eyes, but my editing couldn't do it. It was mostly from the 6 other people's camera flashes. We were all taking pictures at once in the hopes that someone might possibly get one picture worth keeping! It was going really well until we realized that we were missing NIKLAUS! He slipped in at the last minute and we got some more pictures. At least nobody was crying.

The Greek style food was a hit (with the grownups anyway):

We got to opening presents and had some fun for quite a while playing with the new stuff. My two sons bought their shared godfather (Peter, my bro) a plastic pellet handgun (we spied it in Walmart and the boys bought it themselves). He couldn't wait to try it so he set up the target in the basement right there at the party. Us girls looked on in horror as my two brothers started threatening to shoot each other and wrestling to get the gun away from each other.
I couldn't believe they would do that with the kids just playing all over the place, but they were their kids too, so I guess they were "play fighting" safely (really, they weren't drunk or anything). It was so funny to see those big boys wrestling all over the couch and the kids trying to join in to "help" their dads!

Analise got a beautiful, fairy, butterfly Barbie from her godfather, Rudy. She had been pining for a 2007 Holiday Barbie but she was so much happier that she got this one. It's wings fold and then pop open. It's quite a stunning display.

Color Wonder markers are a beautiful thing too! Here are Anika and Roman sharing Roman's new set: