Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Tell Someone"

"Cervical cancer is caused by certain types of a common virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). For most women, HPV clears on its own. But for some, cervical cancer can develop. It can be devastating to you or the people you care about."

...Oh yeah, and while you're at it, since NONE of the commercials (tv or radio ads) includes it in their schpiels, tell someone that the so-called "common" virus is an STD! Boy, does it irritate me. I heard that ad on the radio and got steamed because it is so misleading. A good friend of mine brought her daughters in for a check up and routine immunizations and her doctor recommended the HPV one with the whole explanation about how that (HPV) could lead to cancer and my friend trusted the doctor and agreed to it, not having been told that HPV was an STD that her daughter is at NO RISK of contracting! To me, that is an agenda on the part of the doctor. She might have thought she was doing the right thing by leaving out this bit of info. but my friend was horrified when her hubs told her the truth.

If you have to immunize your daughter against HPV when she's 12 or any age for that matter, then you have a bigger problem than getting cancer (oh yes, there are bigger problems than getting cancer, contrary to what the secular media might tell you!). We're talking about the fight for our daughter's souls here, people! It makes me sick that the commercials portray this HPV as something any girl can get maybe by a sneeze, or by coughing too close to someone else, (remember, "common virus"!) or not washing your hands. This whole thing smells BADLY of a conspiracy. I don't throw that term around loosly, but how could they advertize it in this way unless people believed it in some focus group and suckered into getting the immunization under false pretense? When you go to the HPV "Tell Someone" website, it takes a while before you even find out that HPV is an STD which is disgusting, if you ask me. If they really cared about women they would be up front and give the info honestly. It might save women from making some pretty stupid decisions even if they don't have people in their lives that care about their moral or physical health. They did the same thing with the Hepititis B shot about 10 years ago and were promoting the first in the series of 3 shots to be given before the babies left the hospitals after just being born (I KNOW this because they did that with Matty when he was first born. I said no in the hospital but after pressure from the doctor I had to look it up and found out it was another STD so I said no again later). How could they do that? The poor babies didn't even have a chance to develop their own immunities before they pumped them full of a largely experimental immun.. By the way, the hospitals don't even recommend that anymore for newborns. Yet another HMMMM?

Do I believe that all immunizations are inherently bad: NO
Do I believe that all immunizations are inherently good: NO
Do I believe doctors who lie, or mislead, or guilt parents into giving questionable immunizations? NO WAY. And if you have one of those doctors (even one who is just plain ignorant) inform them and get rid of them. Period. This is an easy test, just ask them to give you a good reason to immunize your child against HPV. You know your child, the doctor doesn't. Any doctor worth their salt helps you to be a better parent and doesn't "lord" their doctor status above you with statistics and CDC informational booklets that make them feel smarter and you feel absolutely powerless to defend your rights as the parent of your child.

(Ugh. Sigh. Throw up my hands and stomp away.)
(deep breath, coming back...)

DO NOT blindly give your children shots without at the very least questioning the doctors as to their efficacy and risks involved. Study up and weigh the risk/benefit before you give your child something that you can't take back. You read the label on the ibuprophin bottle, don't you? You stress out when you think you might have given your child too much cold medication, so why not do a little research before you inject something into their bodies just because your doctor told you to and the government approved it using scare tactics to advertize and make you believe it's absolutely necessary for your child's health and/or their attendance in school (if you are told your child cannot attend school unless they are updated on their shots, the doctor/clinic is in violation of the law in MN because you CAN opt out. All you have to do is sign a form stating you object to whichever shots for concientious/religious/etc. reasons). Always ask questions about any medication/treatment/shots and discuss it with everyone who cares about the health of your child (husband, grandparents, aunties and uncles) before making those kinds of health decisions.

I know this is a rant, but it ticks me off... can you tell? The next post will be a fluffy one, I promise.