Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gourmet Bathwater

The other night I had a bad sinus headache and Butch suggested I take a nice, hot bath. I popped a couple of Tylenol and hopped in and tried to ignore all the noise from downstairs ("calgon, take me awayyyy") but about five minutes, and a half a chapter of The Man Who Was Thursday, and before I got a chance to shave my legs, I heard a knock at the door...

Niklaus: Mama, mama,(knockknockknock) mom, MOM,(knockknockknock) MOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOHHHHm. Can I take a bash,(knockknockknock) please?(knockknockknock) Can I take a bash, please? PLEASE???????(knockknockknock) Mom, can I please take a BASH!!!????

Me: (sigh) Yes, Niklaus (I had just given him one the day before, and all day he was asking for a bath, but I had stupidly thought that he would forget all about it) you can come in.

N: YAY! Will you take a bash wif me?

Me: Sure, just stay on your side of the tub and don't crawl on me! And NO splashing, got it? (We have a big, corner-style whirlpool bath so there's lot's of room for "swimming" in the bath and more than enough room for two which makes it almost seem a waste to just bathe one person at a time, you know...yeah, I just got worn down by his begging. Stamp "sucker" on my forehead.)

N: Okay Mommy.

So we hung out in the bash for a while. We played "OH NO! The SHARK IS GONNA EAT THE RUBBER DUCKY!", and good old "Monster Truck rally" with the now sticker-less mini monster trucks, "We're Drowning in Bubbles!", "Bubble Suit", and the always popular, "Bubble Beard and Hair". At one point, he grabbed an empty bottle and filled it up with bath water, held it up to drink it and saw my horrified look. Before I could even get the inevitable words out, he dumped it and turned on the tap and said, "THIS is the GOOD water, right mama? I'll ONLY drink THIS water, right?". That's right son.
I had a hard time getting him out because we had so much fun and while I was drying him off with the towel he said,

"Wow, Mom, that bash was superdeeelishus. It was the best bash I ever tasted!"