Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Leave My Christmas Lights Up On the Front Porch All Year Long

Well, that's not entirely true. I didn't have time to put them up this year, but the decorations above the door will represent the Christmas season for quite a while and get very dusty by May. I just realized yesterday that I forgot to post pictures of our Christmas party this year! I got occupied with other subjects and rants... It's a tense time in the country right now. I almost can't listen to talk radio but I feel it's my civic duty so I have to. It's a sacrifice.
The kids were talking in the van the other day and they remarked that they couldn't wait until Lent because then they wouldn't have to listen to talk radio (I gave it up last year for Lent). Haha on THEM! I told them that this year, it would actually be a sacrifice to listen so they were out of luck.

This year, Anna emailed Trine and I to tell us her idea for a theme (every year we have a theme for our Christmas Eve party which rotates houses depending on who it's most convenient for that year). We did "A Very Cliche' Christmas" and we proposed an "ugly Christmas sweater contest". It was AWESOME. The beautiful, awful selection were astounding! We each brought a 25 dollar gift card (had to be a "datenight" giftcard) per couple and 1 "regift" (white elephant). After we ate and the kids ripped open their godparent gifts (one for each! we like to use family for godparents so nearly each of the 18 grandkids are covered), the kids judged the contest and it was hilarious. I would have to say that it was really

The Best Christmas, Ever!

Here are just a very few pictures from the night:

Anna sporting her infamous, and FABULOUS "Christmas dickie" (oh yes, girls, they DO exist!) She called us and absolutely squealed with delight when she found this rare gem at the thrift shoppe:

Nothing goes with Christmas dickies, appliqued sweaters and denim vests, quite like some good, old fashioned, classic cut, and 0h-so-flattering, colored momjeans (you don't even have to be an actual mom to enjoy the momjean. It's all in the attitude and spirit of the evidenced by the birthday girl on the right):

The participants in this year's contest:

Even Tommy got to wear a sweater...and got the girls because of it, I'm sure!:
My brother Nick was so antsy all night long saying things like "so, when are we gonna do this thing?" meaning the sweater contest. I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't just take his coat off already until he did the final unveiling...

(you may have to click on the pic to get the full effect)

Yes, folks...I think we have a winner!:

Even better, my other bro's re-gift was this funny patch of fake chest hair (not that he needed it) that added just the right touch to Nick's sweater, don't you think?:

We had sequins, applique, jingle bells, ALL twelve days of Christmas symbols represented, beads, and baubles, cartoony characters, and tufted/furry yarn galore. At the end of the night when just a few of my sibs were left, Anna pointed out a thing on the bottom of MY sweater that said "push" and Lo and Behold...a tinkling song started emanating from my sweater. It was then that I realized I had a SINGING SWEATER THE WHOLE, ENTIRE TIME AND DIDN'T KNOW IT...oh yes oh YES it truly was

A Christmas Miracle*

(I surely would have won much earlier had that particular feature been observed by the kids.)

We all got along and everyone left happy (I think!). I felt full of joy to have everyone over and know that my house was very clean to have Butch's mom and dad over the next day. It was also nice to have a quiet afternoon with his parents and they played our new game "Would You Rather" with us. I think the lack of fundage on everyone's part played a big part of why we all appreciated each other a lot more this year. It was all about family. I just love my family!

*Every Christmas for the last few years, my sisters and I have said (at one point or another during the Advent season) "It's a Christmas Miracle." in a monotone, ironic sounding voice every time something not-so-great happens. For instance, this year my dishwasher broke a couple of days before Christmas Eve and I said it to my sister on the phone.

We KNOW it's from a movie (in which the main Character says it in that crabby way) but we CAN NOT remember which movie it comes from. If you can think of it and we think that's for sure where we heard it, I'll send you a little prize.