Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Crazy Idea That Just Might Work

This morning I was chatting with Paula about my Big Plan. It all came to me like a light bulb over my head when Regina sent me an IM link to this site. What a great cause, right? I was thinking it might be neat to do a benefit run like that but I don't really have the money to travel (I could stay for free with Regina, right? I'll kick Tug outta the bed and we can have a good, old fashioned sleepover. I'll bring the pink toenail polish and hairbrush/microphones.).

So, my big plan is to raise enough money (beg, borrow, steal...okay, maybe not borrow) for two plane tickets (Trina could maybe visit with her best friend online, Amy C's daughter. It's Trina's 15th birthday on Sept. 18th so it could be her bday present this year) and try to raise at least another 400 dollars for the benefit. I could run in the 10k (I'll be all trained up from the marathon!) and have a cheering section (Regina, Tug, their kids, Amy Caroline, Becca, Trina, and PAULA!). I'd really like to win for my age group so I would train my pants off (literally, when I really start to run, my butt disappears) and do you all so proud.

I realize that this is sort of a selfish thing to raise money for, but if you really think about it, it's only a HALF selfish thing because I would be giving half the money to the ultrasound fund, and half of it would be for the plane tickets (unless I somehow collect more than that, the extra would go to the fund, of course). If I don't collect enough for the plane tickets (400-600 bucks) then all the money I've collected would just go right to the benefit or some other local benefit. Speaking of that, shoot a little prayer off for Michael Talley, would ya? He is going to Rochester to see if they can do some good for him. He's had a pretty rough winter so far and I'm sure the family would appreciate the prayers.

So, what do you think of my idea?
Wow, I don't ask people's opinion very much so take advantage while you can!
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Wow, when did I get so self-doubtful?
THAT doesn't happen very often. I must be hitting middleagecrazy or something.