Friday, January 02, 2009

First Post Of The New Year

...Will be a review!

I just received the free box of toffee that I got from Toffee Anytime (thanks Ron!) and it was yummylicious! I also got an email from him today about a free toffee givaway at this site if you want to check it out (I already got a free box, so I didn't think it was fair to just go right ahead and don't even feel guilty about it.).

Oh my goodness, it was so tempting and delicious. Toffee is one of my favorite kinds of candy so I was all about this deal. I will very likely order some in the future for myself or gifts for people (Who DOESN'T like toffee? Probably very unhappy crazypersons somewhere in bizarro land don't like toffee...them, and Butch. He did try it but said he didn't like it. I think he just likes to be contrary.) Bocker wanted thirds. Mari gave it a shot but I think the dark chocolate was a little too much for her and she gave me the rest of her chunk (darn, I just HAD to eat it). Trina gobbled it up (even with braces), Matty is allergic to nuts (darn, more for me), Weazy wasn't home to try it (again, darn!), and I am hoarding the rest for me.

In the name of all honesty, I really would have liked there to be more toffee and less chocolate. It's really hard to do dark chocolate perfectly and this is GOOD but not perfect. The nuts were really good and added to the flavor rather than being some annoying thing that you have to pick off (I'm not usually a fan of nuts mixed with other stuff, especially when they're smooshy and baked, but that's another story for another time.)

P.S. I did not get paid for my endorsement of this product. I'm trying to review things that I like or that I try without any reimbursement. Although, I wouldn't turn away a free offering of MORE of this stuff...just sayin'...

P.P.S. Tommy did not actually eat any of the toffee. He just liked the little ad that came with it. Also, the picture on that ad is pretty lifelike and true to how the toffee actually looks right out of the box, before it disappeared down my throat...the baby is much cuter in real life.