Thursday, March 06, 2008

VOTE NOW...(especially my MN folks!)!

Hey everyone! I promise to post some new pics of my soon-to-be-chubster baby but for now, PLEASE go here and look on the right of the page where you can vote in the homemade ice arena finalist area. My cute, little cousin is pictured on the "Scott Barthel" rink. VOTE FOR HIM BY SUNDAY! So my super-cute cousins can get braggin' rights and a bunch of Arby's coupons! You can also text: To vote for Scott Barthel text RINK3 to 36888.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote now so we can see his number go up (his main competitor is a teacher and has a whole school voting...NOT FAIR!) I was also told that the warming house that isn't pictured is a work of art so he deserves recognition (the cute nephew picture was submitted over the warming house...good one, I think!)