Friday, March 28, 2008


Why, oh WHY do some people insist on saying stupid things to other people?
Let's say that I just fell down and hit my head because I wasn't looking where I was going and stepped on some ice. Let's also imagine that I was bleeding from the head and couldn't see straight. Now, a normally perfectly nice person comes up to me, looks at me (totally ignoring the gaping wound on my head), pats me on the back and says something like, "Gee, you really should be more careful! I really love you and want what's best for you so I'll go get you a washcloth for your head and stuff but, honestly, watch out for ice from now on!".
Duh...okay, so the next time I slip on some ice, are you going to just roll your eyes and not offer to help me...what?! What GOOD does it do to offer this "loving" advice?

PLEASE, shower my friend, Kelly with prayers and blessings on her dangerous pregnancy. She needs protection from frustration, negative forces, and bad "advice"!