Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to Work

Today I went to work for 4 hours for the first time since Thomas' birth. It was actually really great! I love seeing all of the new styles (that I'll pick up when they are on clearance later!) and being busy doing something without anyone SCREAMING at me for a change! I finally found a matching nightgown for Mari (she and Weazy HAVE to match, you know) on sale so I was really happy about that. If you want to know where I work, email me and I'll tell you about it. I really like the women I work with. One of the sweetest gals is Natasha. She gave me her email today and I sent her the link to this site. She's one of those people who you meet in some casual aspect and you just KNOW you're going to be friends for life. She was born in Belarus and is married with 4, beautiful children.

I finally smelled spring on my run yesterday! Woohoo! Finally, we're almost out of the doldrums of winter! I saw a commercial about lawn care the other day where the people are all laying around on their grass outside. I can't WAIT to roll around on the grass with my bare feet. Ahhhhh, oh, to go for a run and not see melting, dirty snow everywhere!