Monday, April 09, 2007

I Don't Mean to Brag But..., who am I kidding? LOOK at these people! They are so, darn CUTE!

Mari gives the BEST kisses! They are really sloppy, open mouthed, and come with the sound of, "ahhhhhh"!

Here is what Niklaus looked like after a hard afternoon of Easter egg hunting in Mom and Dad's backyard!

My nephew, Johnny was a blur across the living room.

My niece, Lexi with her bucket o' eggs.

The Boys (can I ever get them with straight faces?)

The Girls

Baby Sofia on her first Easter

I have lots of other great pictures but these were some of the better ones. We had a lovely day with everyone but we missed Grandma Mary who is recovering from hip surgery at home. Everyone else made it, though, even Trine's family who were pretty much all throwing up yesterday. My Trina threw up when she was getting to bed.
"Mom, nevernevernever ever get that strawberry cheesecake from Schwanns ever again!"

I won't, but I gotta say, after hanging out with Trine all week, I don't think it was the cheesecake that did it!