Monday, October 31, 2005

Where I'm From

Inspired by my friend Megan's blog, I'm going to write a poem about, well, you know...

I'm from a 70's mansion
now a 2000's crappy rambler.
I'm from rollerskating on bumpy, metal wheels on a long dirt driveway
"in town"

I'm from a large, German family who's been here forever
and it looks like we ain't never leavin'!
I'm the oldest of six and cousin of hundreds

I'm from Barbies, Strawberry Shortcakes, fake, homemade Cabbage Patch dolls, hand me down and rummage sale clothes.

I'm from love, prayers, Church, laughter, living in the kitchen with Grandma Laura, snuggling with my sister in bed and under a blanket in front of the heating vent on cold mornings.

I'm from a place I will always go back to...because I'm already here!