Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I Apolergize

I meant to do that thing on the sidebar where it shows the latest postings of all of my peeps. So, I went ahead and deleted all of my links first, then got distracted...of course. I'll get to it sometime soon so all the newbies can see all of the oldies/goodies that have been my blogfriends/family/realpals for years. The world awaits my procrastinating but well-intentioned duties. Meanwhile, I'll post a few pictures and wait for the calls and emails to come in with more offers of housekeeping, billpaying, childcare, hair-highlighting to get on my highly sought after blogroll spot HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mari and cousin, Sofia

Tommy lovin' on Cousin Vinny

How to keep track of the quiet ones outside, at night, before bed, in their cut-off-footie jammies